High-Quality Cleaning Solutions for the Community-Based Healthcare Industry

Your long-term care facility or retirement community has complex cleaning needs—from warewashing in the kitchen to round-the-clock laundry and housekeeping operations. And your team needs to optimize water and energy use while keeping everything spotless. 

We understand the never-ending challenges and stress this constant cleanup presents to facilities and community managers. That’s why Chesapeake Chemlab provides better chemical cleaning products and solutions that optimize value—plus the best customer service in the business

Our Best Dish Machine & Laundry Chemicals for Long-Term Care Communities 

Because our Chesapeake Chemlab warewashing and laundry solutions are full-strength and better formulated, they are easier to use and don’t waste water—or your time! And that equals cost savings for your organization.

Alpha Bac 4.5

A hospital grade disinfectant and cleaner for restrooms, floors, and counters, fresh pine breeze scent.

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Foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap

Packaged in 1000 ml paks, this pleasantly scented hand soap cuts grime, yet is soft on sensitive skin. High foam produced with just one push of the dispenser lessens the tendency to push numerous times which waste hand soap and increases your costs. Great for healthcare facilities, restaurants, hotels, schools, fitness clubs, etc.

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Solid Nitro XL

A nonphosphated solid dish machine detergent, packed with more alkaline ingredients as compared to other soild detergents. This gives customers a more economical yield, reducing overall product useage and cost. With Solid Nitro XL the glassware will sparkle as if brand new from the box. Ask your Chesapeake Chemlab representative for a five minute demonstration today and see the difference!

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Explore our top-of-the-line linen cleaning, housekeeping supplies, and warewashing product lines, including EPA-registered cleaners, sanitizers, detergents, bleaches, air fresheners, and more. Then, contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales team to place your order! 

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Need Dishwasher or Laundry Machine Repair Service—or All New Equipment? 

Chesapeake Chemlab sells and leases commercial warewashing and laundry equipment that makes using our chemical products even easier. And, we service what we install. Our highly trained techs are on-call 24/7/365 to help you with any equipment issues. 

Tell Us What You Need 

Ready for a Better Clean? Becoming Our Customer is as Easy as 1-2-3


We Consult With You
It all starts with a conversation. Then, our experienced team assesses your commercial kitchen and laundry operations to determine what you need.


We Develop a Solution
We recommend the best products for your particular needs and design a service schedule that fits your budget and your operational priorities.


Our Products Go to Work
The best chemicals and cleaning agents in the business do the heavy lifting in your kitchen and laundry facilities. You save water, time, and effort.

See What Our Current Customers Have to Say: 

“Thank you for helping us change over to Chesapeake Chemlab for all our ware wash needs. In the first week, my dishwashers have seen a difference. My pot guy said ‘I really don’t have to use as much chemicals to get food off the pots!’ This rings true with the dish machine operators as well. They also commented about the silverware coming out in their words ‘More Shiny’. So all in all, we are happy with the change over and would like to thank you for everything! Very satisfied!”

Bob C.
Executive Chef
(Mercy Ridge Retirement Community, Timonium, MD)

Explore the Other Specialized Industries We Serve 

In the Baltimore-Washington region, Chesapeake Chemlab focuses on providing better service and industrial cleaning solutions to businesses with the most stringent standards for creating a clean and safe environment. 

In addition to our restaurant and country club partners, we also improve operational efficiencies within 

Food Service

Food & Beverage

Commercial Laundries


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Why Trust Chesapeake Chemlab? 

It’s simple. No matter a customer’s tough cleaning challenge, we can solve it with better products, the latest technology, and a commitment to service that our big, mass-market competitors can’t match.  

Creating customer loyalty is our mission, and we’re dedicated to being there for our customers—always. 

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