High-Quality Chemical Products for the Commercial Laundry Industry

Running a commercial laundry business can be frustrating when you know that your mass-market chemical company is diluting detergents and making them less effective.  

At Chesapeake Chemlab, we provide only the highest-quality linen cleaning and sanitizing chemicals that are full-strength—and we can customize formulations for your precise needs. Work with us to experience better chemical products and laundry solutions that optimize value—plus the best customer service in the business.

Our Best Chemical Products & Technology for Commercial Laundries 

Because our Chesapeake Chemlab laundry solutions are full-strength and better formulated, they are easier to use and don’t waste water—or your time! And that equals cost savings for your business.


A superior blend of highly active surfactants, natural solvents and optical brighteners. Used separately or in conjunction with Liquid Laundry Break for removal of heavy soils, difficult stains, oils and grease. Leaves linen with a clean fresh smell. Excellent for food and beverage table linen and napkins. Your Chesapeake Chemlab representative will adjust the programmable chemical dispenser for maximum performance and economy.

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Peake Soft

A concentrated fabric softener with double the active ingredients, luxurious to touch. Product reduces wrinkles, lessens linting, reduces static electricity and improves flatwork iron efficiency. Use with a programmable chemical dispenser for maximum performance and economy. Your Chesapeake Chemlab representative will adjust the programmable chemical dispenser to find the optimum amount.
Available in 5 Gallon Pail or 15 Gallon Drum.

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Spot Remover Kit

Ready to use kit contains 6 different chemical prespotters for use on a variety of stains such as: blood; food; mildew; grease; oil; lipstick; ink; mustard; chocolate; rust; eyeliner; candle wax; grass and shoe polish. The starter kits come complete with a laminated stain removal guide chart, 6 prespotters and trigger sprayers.

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Explore our complete laundry chemical product lines, including detergents, bleaches, spotters, and more. Then, contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales team to place your order! 

Ready for a Better Clean? Becoming Our Customer is as Easy as 1-2-3


We Consult With You
It all starts with a conversation. Then, our experienced team assesses your commercial kitchen and laundry operations to determine what you need.


We Develop a Solution
We recommend the best products for your particular needs and design a service schedule that fits your budget and your operational priorities.


Our Products Go to Work
The best chemicals and cleaning agents in the business do the heavy lifting in your kitchen and laundry facilities. You save water, time, and effort.

See What Our Current Customers Have to Say: 

“We decided to switch to Chesapeake Chemlab for our dishwashing and laundry operations. We were immediately impressed when all of the grease stains on our table linens were no longer an issue. This made our linens presentable to our clients and saved us on labor as our rewash is now minimal.”

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Executive Chef
(Catering by Uptown, Beltsville, MD)

Explore the Other Specialized Industries We Serve 

In the Baltimore-Washington region, Chesapeake Chemlab focuses on providing better service and industrial cleaning solutions to businesses with the most stringent standards for creating a clean and safe environment. 

In addition to our restaurant and country club partners, we also improve operational efficiencies within 

Food Service

Food & Beverage



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Why Trust Chesapeake Chemlab? 

It’s simple. No matter a customer’s tough cleaning challenge, we can solve it with better products, the latest technology, and a commitment to service that our big, mass-market competitors can’t match.  

Creating customer loyalty is our mission, and we’re dedicated to being there for our customers—always. 

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